*-AN uNHoLY WReCK-* (unholy_wreck) wrote,

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you dirty, dirty girl.

today, work was horrible. i'm tired of being bitched at by the managers, constantly. the more they bitch, the more unmotivated i am to sell their god damn replay cards. maybe they should try talking to their sales floor team...considering that its their job to sell them, and not the cashiers.

oh fucking well..being a head cashier doesnt get you shit there. all it gets you is the responsibility to close all the registers at the end of the night.

in other news, me and aaron will be living together soon. his parents might be selling the house, or selling 4 of their 5 acres to pay off all their debt. either way, as long as i'm NOT in the same house as them, i'm damn happy.

i feel disgusting. i feel like i need to take a 2 hour long shower, and i dont know why. i just feel flat out nasty.

i probably smell like shit too.
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