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this little girl grabs hold of my shirt, and is hysterically crying. she pressed up against my side with one hand around me, and her other half way in her mouth, and said between sobs "i lost my mommy, i cant find her." her face was bright red, and you could see where the old tears were smeared down her face. i knelt down to her and wiped her tears and asked her what her mommys name was. she said sandy. so i took her hand, and i called her mother to the front. i wiped up her tears with a tissue and told her that her mommy would be here in a few seconds.

well, her father came to the front, grabbed the girls arm, and says " why the hell did you wander off?!" and drug her back to his wife.

that poor little girl..she was like 5 years old. i'm fucking sorry, but you should have been watching her, you jackass.

what makes me even more upset, is that when they left, she ran behind my register and said thank you to me, and her father yelled in the store from the hallway going outside "we dont have all night."

some people shouldnt fucking have kids.
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