*-AN uNHoLY WReCK-* (unholy_wreck) wrote,

yea....so i've decided that on valentines day, i'm going all out.

me and aaron are going out to eat, and then hopefully getting a hotel room. i've decided to be girly, and get a nice dress to wear, and perhaps get my nails done..

so today, since i dont get paid till friday, i'm going pre-shopping. i'm going to take a run to carolina place, then to south park so i can feel poor.

my paycheck is going to be shit this week. it'll probably be a little less than $300. and figures, i have to give aaron $100 for his car payment...so i'll have $200 to splurge with...well, not really..since i'm going to help him out with what we;re doing on valentines day.

i'm tired of listening to aaron snore. extremely tired of listening to it. maybe i'll go smother him?
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