*-AN uNHoLY WReCK-* (unholy_wreck) wrote,

hello Shaenice,
Thank you for submitting, the photos looks great! We will be reviewing and
deciding on all submissions in April. We probably wont begin filming till
May or June. So make sure you can be available around those times. We are
filming 3-4 videos, so there is a good chance everyone will have a job. If
we do decide on you we will contact you immediately and will discuss travel
plans, and any questions you may have. There is one thing I must go over
with you. This isn’t going to be a major acting project, so acting is not
all that necessary. However if we do consider you for this, you must
understand that we will be shooting on actual film, which is highly
expensive, therefore we don’t want to waste it. So please make sure that
this is an opportunity that you will do well in. Other than that I just
want to say good luck and we will talk to you in April.
Thank you very much for submitting. Any questions, feel free to email us
The Quartier Macabre

does that sound positive? to me it just sounds like a generic letter than everyone is going to receive. that sucks. i'm trying not to think too much about it..maybe even pretend i never submitted, that way if i dont hear from them i wont be disappointed. plus, i'm sure there's going to be plenty of real models that are going to submit. bleh.
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