*-AN uNHoLY WReCK-* (unholy_wreck) wrote,


i feel like a big fucking baby typing this out.. i honestly do.

and i know i sound like a stereotypical girl..but i dont fucking care.

aarons dad took the puppies to the animal shelter. those puppies were fucking 3 1/2 weeks old. they couldnt even eat soft dog food, thats how little they were. katie brought her babies up on the porch because she trusted us. she felt safe around us, and knew she could trust us with her babies. but what does a fucking inconsiderate, heartless asshole like aarons dad do? he breaks her trust. he takes her puppies, her fucking babies, who shes spent every minute of her life these past 3 1/2 weeks with. he takes them to the animal shelter where they'll be put to sleep 72 hours after arrival. wow, a whole 3 days.

i come home from work, and katie is laying in front of the door. shes got her head down, and when i pet her or go near her, her tail doesnt wag. i can feel that shes sad. she looks it. i broke her trust. i fucking broke her trust. i didnt even try to stop it..i just let him take them. i should have opened my mouth. he claims to be this all-loving christian..but look at what he does. it makes me fucking sick.

those poor puppies..i cant even begin to imagine how abandoned and lonely they feel right now.

and look at me, crying like a fucking baby about it, when i'm just being a hypocrit. i should have done something to prevent this, if i cared so much. i'm a fucking ass too, for letting it happen.
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