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bad, bad day

so, today starts out like so:

*aarons dad informs us that they're not going to pay off any of aarons debt, like they've been promising him.
--too bad we decided to re- max out the best buy credit card a few days ago.

*I get home from aarons house to get ready for work, and theres a note on the table that says my brother is in the hospital, and to call my mom. so i called her, and she tells me what happened.
--some piece of shit little kid decided to punch my brother jay in the stomach, because jay wouldnt let him play with his football when he went home to eat.

*so jays in the hospital, and they think that his apendix may have burst or been ruptured. so they make him drink this dye stuff mixed with koolaid. they take blood from him, and they give him a CT scan 2 1/2 hours after drinking the dye.

*they dont see anything wrong with his appendix, but his liver is swollen.
-- this was discovered of course 3 hours later, because the doctors are slack and rack up your hospital bill by running 6 different tests on the same place, claiming that this test "might show something different from the others."

*so, they discharge him with liver inflammation. gave him some prescriptions, and kept his for observation for a few hours. hes okay now, but they said to watch out for vomitting and nausea, because that could mean that he has apendicitis.

*we get home from the hospital, and my hamster has somehow tangled its foot in the wire cage floor of the balcony. his foot was all bloody and raw. think the hamsters version of saw. it was a disgusting sight.

* 10 minutes later, my brother notices a big brown furry something or another in the big white fucked up hamsters mouth. we go to see..the hamster that got its foot caught, (the white one), decided to eat the brown hamster. they've had more than enough food. so, my hamster turned cannibalistic in less than 24 hours.

*then my dad burns the living shit out of his hand by placing it down on the grill. how this happened? who knows, but it did.

*now, aarons not feeling good. his stomach hurts. i say its sympathy pains. awe.

i need to update this journals appearance. my other journal (www.deadjournal.com/users/fatal_embrace) is so much prettier than this one. meh
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